The Twitter Premier League, Nigeria’s foremost social media driven football league proudly presents the #ShowUsWhatYouGot roadshow; an exercise geared at discovering and showcasing obscure talent in Lagos, through social media. All participants will compete by recording short video clips showcasing spectacular football skills and moves such as ball control, ball juggling etc.

Who Can Participate?

This exercise is open to the youth of Lagos, 15 years of age and above. Entries close on 10th October, 2015.

The Rules Are Simple

  1. Record a 15-second video of yourself displaying street soccer skills. You can send in as many different entries as possible. You are free to use any props that help you paint the right picture and pass on your message.
  2. Upload the 15-second video to your social media platform of choice (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.) The same video can be uploaded on all three social media platforms. If you do not have an account on social media, you are allowed to use a handler (someone who owns a social media account and can act on your behalf for the purpose of this competition). You MUST add the following tags to your uploads #ShowUsWhatYouGot  #TPL6 and tag the TPL account @TheTPL

You are allowed to tag any other popular accounts on social media that you think will help publicize your videos.

Entries with the highest number of Retweets on Twitter, Likes on Instagram and Likes on Facebook, will be considered the most popular.

The two most popular (male and female) entries will win a cash prize of 50,000 each and a one-year contract as TPL ambassadors.

Remember, it doesn’t even have to be you, it can be someone you know!  If you know any humble undiscovered talented star, you can approach them and step in as their handler, send in an entry for them, run a social media campaign and get people to vote your candidate.


Good luck!

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