#TPL6 Update

Since the inception of the TPL, The Royals (formerly The Blues), The Knights (formerly The Rebels), The Red Devils have actively participated in TPL tournaments with The Saints FC and…
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The Twitter Premier League, Nigeria’s foremost social media driven football league proudly presents the #ShowUsWhatYouGot roadshow; an exercise geared at discovering and showcasing obscure talent in Lagos, through social media. All participants will compete by recording short video clips showcasing spectacular football skills and moves such as ball control, ball juggling etc.
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TPL5: The Review

Did you miss the 5th Edition of the Twitter Premier league on Saturday 5th September, 2015? Well, according to those who were there you missed out on the best and biggest TPL football tournament till date. After months of intense preparation by the TPL organizing body and the independently run teams, the 5th edition of the event has been referred to as "the best one yet".
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