Meet past and present teams, join one


TPL in its current form consists of football teams to represent the most popular social media platforms among young Nigerian football enthusiasts.

Facebook players show courage, determination, fierceness and dominance – on and off the pitch.
The Instagram team is for boys and girls who embody the 'spirit of Lagos'.
The Nairaland is an all-inclusive club, a melting pot for several categories of people
The Twitter team is where this all began. Veterans of the first TPL belong here


We're always looking for interesting people to join one of the teams. If you're not interested in playing at this time, that's okay - you can attend events as a spectator/fan/foodie. See the events page for details of past and upcoming events


These were the beginner teams of TPL, back when it was known as the Twitter Premier League

Raptors FC
The Raptors FC was a fierce team not bothered about opposition. The team portrayed fierceness with their colour, appearance, tactics and personalities.
The Tsarinas female soccer team was made up of ladies who played soccer for fun and exercise. They won the first two editions of TheTPL.
Teknon FC
Established in 2015, Teknon FC wanted to play a prominent role in the development of sports in Nigeria by fostering talent and inspiring excellence in players
Raineri was an army bound by God, friendship, the desire to always win together, and battle readiness.
Formed in 2013, The Pacers United Football Club was a highly competitive Soccer club committed to recruiting locals and developing their raw football talents.
The Guns FC
The Guns was set up as a team comprising Arsenal fans to play at the first edition of the TPL. They were known for signing the most prestigious sponsorship deals.
Alphas FC
The Alphas was a passionate driven team with a vision to be actively involved in developing grassroots football and giving back to society.
The Panthers
Panthers FC comprised ladies from all walks of life, united by a common love for soccer.
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