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Nigerian youth are invested in the game of football, particularly with foreign leagues and tournaments, and have shown this in various ways including the use of various social media platforms and forums to express their thoughts.
The TPL started as a group of friends connected by social media and their love for soccer, coming together to "walk the tweet". A series of football and networking events were organized with an aim to tap into this passion that has been displayed on social media, thus further blurring the line between social media and "real life".
Now, we move with a goal to create a greater presence for homegrown football.

The inaugural TPL edition held on the 29th of May (Democracy day) at Meadow Hall, Ikate Lekki. It was a one day tournament involving four teams ((The Guns, The Rebels, the Blues and The Red Devils), entirely sourced on Twitter.This edition sponsored by Samsung Mobile Nigeria, was won by the the Red Devils (male championship) and the Tsarinas (female championship). Since then, a total of 5 events have taken place across Lagos, Nigeria.

The TPL has grown to become the biggest social media driven, semi-professional football tournament the state of Lagos has ever seen.

The TPL gives back to the community by partnering with charity outfits such as StayInSchool Nigeria and participating in charity events and outreaches such as the annual Christmas on the Streetz.

The TPL has steadily grown in popularity at home, and is gradually gaining audience on the international scene, with features in the Guardian UK and the BBC World Service



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Haaaayyyy! You don’t watch football? Ok, ok, ok.

*cue soundtrack* *Enter #FunCorner*

In a bid to provide alternative avenues for crowd engagement, and sources of fun and excitement that aren’t limited to playing and watching others play soccer, we introduced the TPL Fun Corner. At #TPL5, the fun corner featured mini basketball tournaments, and soccer shoot outs (a.k.a. monkey post). We have taken the feedback from our debut appearance and are working to make the fun corner even more exciting and engaging for the crowd at future TPL events!

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