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So far, TPL tournaments have been held 3 times each year.
Haaaayyyy! You don't watch football? Ok, ok, ok. *cue soundtrack* *Enter #FunCorner* In a bid to provide alternative avenues for crowd engagement, and sources of fun and excitement that aren’t limited to playing and watching others play soccer, we introduced TPL Fun Corner. At #TPL5, the fun corner featured mini basketball tournaments, and soccer shootouts (a.k.a. monkey post). We've taken the feedback from our debut appearance and are working to make the fun corner even more exciting and engaging for the crowd at future TPL events!
*takes a deep breath* My dear, we are legion. TPL is brought to life by a group of amazing people who work tirelessly behind the scenes, organizing, coordinating with vendors, seeking out sponsors, developing our multi-media ad materials, securing event venues, handling event logistics, writing about us, talking about us, encouraging us, coordinating with TPL teams... I could go on and on, but I'll need to take a couple more deep breaths. We are a team of people who give of ourselves daily, to make TPL bigger than anything any of us have ever imagined.
 Please see information on partnership, and fill the form or send Alex (our vendor manager) an email, and she'll be in touch!
 At TPL, one goal we have is to foster a healthy, safe and inviting atmosphere for any and everyone who attends an event. We acknowledge the dangers that excessive alcohol consumption might pose. We also recognize that smoking in such a heavily crowded area as our venue, is very likely to be discomforting for people who do not smoke. This is why we have made it a point to prevent the sale and/or distribution of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes at our events.

Thank you! We need all the help we can get.

Fill in this form and you’ll hear from us soon!

Read the TPL Sponsorship and Tournament Regulations. Then reach out to us here, and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can!

We are here for this! TPL is eager to work with brands - especially indigenous and upcoming ones, who need to reach our audience. There are a lot of avenues for you to partner with TPL, or sponsor something. If you have more questions, please get in touch.

Sadly, we cannot (categorically) say when this will happen, but our desire is to increase the popularity of homegrown football all over Nigeria. As a result, we're open to dialogue from groups who want to make this a reality in their different states. Send us an email and let's make this happen!

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